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Social Determinants of Health Matter

When people feel overwhelmed, they don’t search for resources; without transportation, they miss appointments; and when people can’t afford medications, they don’t get better. Solving Social Determinants of Health requires teamwork. Your organization can’t hire enough staff to go at this alone.

With TAVHealth, you and your community partners can create a virtual team for collective impact. Our TAVConnect platform and Solution Services team will help you tackle Social Determinants in ways case management, electronic medical records, or self-help referral systems were never designed to do – no matter what they say.

Better experience.
Lower cost.
Better outcomes.

That's success you can measure.


Our Latest Webinar:

Solving Social Determinants of Health Before They Lead to Claims

Learn what it takes to identify high social risk members within your managed population, and leverage community partners to help resolve their Social Determinants of Health.


People helped
with TAVConnect
Lower cost per patient
in a joint replacement bundle
Increase in
agency-to-agency referrals
Lower readmission rates of health literacy program graduates
Faster follow-up time to heart failure appointments
Increase in attendance
to pre-operative appointments
Increase in discharge to home vs another facility
Gainshare in sepsis bundle